what fuse do i need for my cigarette lighter

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15 amp

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  • What size fuse for a 12V cigarette lighter?

  • The main purpose of a fuse is to protect the wire downstream from overheating. In general, that would be 15 amps for #14 and 20 amps for #12. Re: installing a 12v cigarette lighter… what size wire and what size fuse?

  • How many amps does a cigarette lighter use?

  • In most cases, cigarette lighter circuits use 15 amp fuses, but you can check the fuse box in your vehicle to be sure. You鈥檒l then want to check the device you鈥檙e trying to plug in to see how much amperage it draws.

  • What causes a cigarette lighter fuse to go bad?

  • Five causes of a faulty car cigarette lighter when the fuse tests Ok, include: Some people call it a cigarette lighter outlet, an auxiliary power outlet, power outlet phone charger point, 12v outlet, many names but all describe the same thing.

  • How to fix a cigarette lighter that won鈥檛 light?

  • If you look inside your cigarette lighter socket with a flashlight and see a foreign object, there鈥檚 a good chance that removing it will fix your problem. Just to be safe, you should make sure that you remove the cigarette lighter fuse before reaching inside the socket to remove the foreign object.

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