when did e cigarettes come out

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  • What is the history of e-cigarettes?

  • History and evolution of e-cigarettes The modern e-cigarette was developed and first manufactured in 2003in China but did that mark the beginning of the history of e-cigarettes? Not quite so. The first documented references to an e-cigarette date back to the1930swhen Joseph Robinson patented it in the USA.

  • What is the word of the Year for e-cigarettes?

  • Oxford Dictionaries announces the word of the year is vape. First of three FDA workshops held, this one being on the physical characteristics of e-cigarettes. (You can find the transcript of that workshop here .) CASAA issues Call to Action March 2015.

  • When did electronic cigarettes become legal in the US?

  • Electronic cigarettes introduced to the U.S. (The first import ruling locatable in the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website database is dated August 22, 2006. NY M85579)

  • How many Americans use e-cigarettes?

  • And while e-cigarettes only entered the American market en masse in 2007, 18.7% of Americans in 2014 report taking a drag on an e-cig at least once, and one in five of those Americans keep on puffing once they鈥檝e had a taste. The Oxford English Dictionary makes 鈥渧ape鈥?its word of the year — and there’s no looking back.

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