when are menthol cigarettes going to be banned

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  • Will the FDA ban menthol flavored cigarettes?

  • The US Food and Drug Administration is taking steps to ban menthol flavored cigarettes and all flavored cigars, including menthol flavor, within the next year, according to an agency announcement Thursday.

  • Are flavored cigarettes now banned by the FDA?

  • Compared to other additives, people who prefer menthol cigarettes have had this choice available considerably longer-since 2009, the FDA has banned all flavored cigarettes except for menthol.

  • Are menthol cigarettes on sale in San Francisco in 2018?

  • Here, menthol cigarettes and other tobacco products are on sale at a San Francisco store in 2018. The Food and Drug Administration says its proposal to ban menthol cigarettes has the potential to significantly decrease disease and death from tobacco by reducing youth experimentation and addiction.

  • What is the FDA鈥檚 stance on menthol?

  • Menthol is an equity issue that the FDA has been considering for more than a decade. It is the last special flavor allowed in cigarettes in the US. It was carved out of the 2009 Tobacco Control Act that banned all other flavored cigarettes and gave the FDA the authority to regulate the tobacco industry to protect public health.

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