what’s the healthiest cigarette

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Natural American Spirit

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  • What are the best cigarette brands to smoke?

  • Some cigarette brands have come up with new, improved and filtered versions to make them less harmful for the smokers. #1. Marlboro The Brand: Marlboro is one of the oldest American cigarette brands. It has been operating for 97 years and is the favorite company of many smokers.

  • What are the healthiest cigarettes with the least chemicals?

  • Up next on our list of healthiest, least harmful cigarettes with the least chemicals are E 鈥?cigarettes which do not contain tobacco, and therefore they don`t contain all those 7, 000 chemicals present when a regular cigarette is lit. They don`t contain tar or carbon monoxide.

  • What are the best menthol cigarettes in the world?

  • The Brand: Newport is the top brand for menthol cigarettes in the world. The company is American and offers a relaxing smoke with ease. This brand has been operating for 64 years and is still famous. Need to Know: The best thing about this company is that its pack comes in a low price tag.

  • What are the worst cigarettes to smoke for your health?

  • We are continuing our list of worst cigarettes to smoke for your health with Pyramid that is considered as one of the cheapest cigarettes brands in the U.S. It has 19 mg of carbon monoxide, and its worst type is soft package and with no filter.

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