what’s the healthiest cigarette

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Electronic cigarettes

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  • What are the best cigarette brands to smoke?

  • Some cigarette brands have come up with new, improved and filtered versions to make them less harmful for the smokers. #1. Marlboro The Brand: Marlboro is one of the oldest American cigarette brands. It has been operating for 97 years and is the favorite company of many smokers.

  • Are there any healthy cigarettes with the least chemicals?

  • The result was no surprise 鈥?no cigarettes are healthy and chemicals-free. But there are a few alternatives which may lessen the effect of additives that cause cancer and many other diseases. More importantly, some of them may help you overcome your addiction. Here is our list of healthiest, least harmful cigarettes with the least chemicals:

  • What are the best cigarettes for life extension?

  • That鈥檚 why American Spirit is a top cigarette brand for life extension. All their cigarettes are advertised as 100% all-natural organic tobacco with no added ingredients. That means all that鈥檚 getting into your lungs from these healthy cigarettes is real, all-American tobacco smoke and tar!

  • What are the best menthol cigarettes in the world?

  • The Brand: Newport is the top brand for menthol cigarettes in the world. The company is American and offers a relaxing smoke with ease. This brand has been operating for 64 years and is still famous. Need to Know: The best thing about this company is that its pack comes in a low price tag.

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