what substance in a cigarette causes lung cancer

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  • How do cigarettes cause lung cancer?

  • When you smoke, the cancer-causing substances in cigarettes, called carcinogens, begin to change the tissue in your lungs almost immediately. Over time, the cells become too damaged and can eventually develop into cancerous cells.

  • What are the chemicals in tobacco that cause cancer?

  • The Institute鈥檚 abbreviated list of the cancer-causing chemicals in tobacco includes some common names such as: 1 Arsenic (a natural semi-metal used in rat poison). 2 Benzene 鈥?used in gasoline and found in rubber cement. 3 鈥婤eryllium (a toxic metal). 4 鈥婥admium (a toxic metal) – active component in battery acid. 5 鈥婥hromium (a metallic element).

  • What is the major cause of lung cancer?

  • The major cause of lung cancer is strongly correlated with smoking cigarettes. Pipe and cigar also causes cancer. An increased risk of developing lung cancer is passive smoking, the inhalation of tobacco smoke from other smokers. Exposure to asbestos fibers is linked to lung cancer.

  • How does tobacco affect the lungs?

  • The results of many studies on the effects of tobacco have shown that cigarette smoke carries numerous chemicals, called 鈥渕utagens鈥? that cause lung tissue cells to mutate. Substances such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen peroxide, and benzopyrene contained in cigarette smoke affect how cells change and grow.

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