what kind of cigarettes did john wayne smoke

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Camel cigarettes

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  • How much did John Wayne smoke a day?

  • Assuming John Wayne couldn鈥檛 smoke while he was asleep (?) and assuming he slept about 8 hours a day, that鈥檚 120 cigarettes divided by 16 hours = he smoked about 7.5 cigs an hour. That鈥檚 a lot. But possible. These are all Guesstimates, of course, but you get the picture: John was an outright addict.

  • How many movies did John Wayne appear in?

  • John Wayne was one of the best-paid actors in Hollywood for more than 40 years, appeared in more than 170 films and starred in 142 of them, mostly westerns. His size (6鈥?鈥?and 225 pounds) and pugnacious behavior helped him to be cast as a cowboy, lawman, soldier and athlete, but for most of his life he had a cancer-promoting lifestyle.

  • How did John Wayne get the Big C?

  • In 1964 at age 60, Wayne coined the term 鈥淭he Big C鈥?when he told the world that he had had a cancerous left lung and four ribs removed. He appeared to be cured, even though he was severely short of breath from the extensive damage in his remaining lung caused by smoking up to seven packs of unfiltered Camel cigarettes a day.

  • Did one of John Wayne鈥檚 films cause his multiple cancers?

  • However, his multiple primary cancers may also have been at least partly caused by one of the films he made. In 1954, at age 47, he starred in The Conqueror, a big budget film about Genghis Khan that was filmed in the Utah desert.

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