what is a good replacement for cigarettes

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  • What is the best alternative to smoking cigarettes?

  • 1. Herbal cigarettes Clove cigarettes are the most common cigarette alternative, made up of 60%-70% tobacco blended with cloves and clove oils, as well as additives and flavorings. Since they contain tobacco, they can still lead to nicotine addiction.

  • What medications can I take to help me quit smoking?

  • Two types of prescription medicine can help reduce withdrawal symptoms while helping with smoking cessation: Champix (varenicline) and Zyban (bupropion). Champix also blocks the nicotine receptors in the brain, making smoking less satisfying. Ready to quit? Ask your doctor about these medications, both of which are on the PBS.

  • Is nicotine replacement treatment (NRT) safer than smoking?

  • Nicotine itself has not been found to cause cancer or heart disease, so it’s safer to use nicotine-replacement treatment (NRT) products than to smoke cigarettes. Nicotine products, such as patches, gum, tablets and inhalers, are available to buy in pharmacies and some supermarkets.

  • Are vape pens a safe alternative to cigarettes?

  • Despite the risks, vape pens are still a viable alternative to cigarettes and tobacco products, given that they contain no tobacco, and, therefore, contain none of the harmful carcinogens found on tobacco leaves. Tobacco leaves are sprayed with pesticides and fertilizers, which is why they鈥檙e laced with so many chemicals.

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