what happened to e cigarette empire

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  • Should e-cigarettes be banned in the Philippines?

  • In the rest of the world, many nations may have less incentive to help citizens get off cigarettes, because they gather high taxes for their coffers from the products. China has effectively outlawed e-cigarettes. Indonesia is weighing a ban. In the Philippines, you can be arrested for vaping in public.

  • Is Juul the leading e-cigarette maker to blame for the surge?

  • But Juul, the leading e-cigarette maker, has come under criticism because of a surge in use by high school students. It is widely thought these teens would never have smoked but are being introduced to addictive nicotine by vaping.

  • Does Altria sell e-cigarettes internationally?

  • And PMI currently sells Altria鈥檚 e-cigarette brands internationally. Since the separation, Altria has operated largely in the U.S., while PMI has focused overseas, meaning the two companies haven鈥檛 directly competed.

  • Is FDA鈥檚 approval of e-cigarettes safe?

  • CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that when, in October, the FDA granted marketing approval for an e-cigarette device, it had determined that the device was safe. The FDA stated at the time that marketing approval did not mean the product was 鈥渟afe.

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