what does smelling cigarette smoke mean

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  • What does it mean when you smell a cigar?

  • To smell a cigar could be connected with spirit, especially if you knew someone who has passed that use to smoke. If you smoke yourself then it could be that you are smelling a previous cigarette and that the meaning has no spiritual significance.

  • Why do I Smell cigarette smoke all the time?

  • Diseases that Can Make You Smell Cigarette Smoke. Dr. Josephson says, 鈥淎 tumor of the brain or the olfactory nerve can also cause phantom smells, decreased or absent sense of smell (hyposmia), or bad sense of smell (known as parosmia).鈥?Brain tumors in these locations are not the only alarming conditions that can lead to smelling cigarette smoke…

  • What does it mean when you smell cigarette smoke without smoking?

  • Smelling cigarette smoke without anyone smoking around is usually a sign from someone who is gone and who you miss. It could also be someone who was not a dear person to you, but was still a part of your life, one way or another.

  • What is the spiritual meaning of smelling smoke?

  • The spiritual meaning of smelling smoke for instance may be a sign, and there is normally remarkable importance to someone who used to be in this world who smoked. Familiar smells, such as the smell of your old Father who smoked can also be meaningful.

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