is weed safer than cigarettes

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  • Is marijuana safer than cigarettes?

  • Marijuana smokers who don鈥檛 smoke tobacco sometimes rave that their drug of choice is safer than cigarettes. But, the truth is that both tobacco and marijuana have damaging effects when smoked through your lungs.

  • How many cigarettes do you smoke a day compared to marijuana?

  • 鈥淭obacco users typically smoke ten to 20 cigarettes/day, and some smoke much more than that. Marijuana users, on average, smoke only two to three times a month, so the typical exposure to marijuana is much lower than for tobacco.鈥?/div>Marijuana Shown to Be Less Damaging to Lungs Than Tobacco

  • Is smoking marijuana bad for You?

  • The simple truth is that burning plant matter produces a lot of harmful chemicals, regardless of which plant it is. There are some differences between marijuana and tobacco smoke, but on the whole they鈥檙e very similar. As most people are aware, smoking tobacco carries many serious risks.

  • Is marijuana less harmful to your lungs than tobacco?

  • A large-scale national study suggests low to moderate use of marijuana is less harmful to users鈥?lungs than exposure to tobacco, even though the two substances contain many of the same components. This comprehensive study, led by UCSF and University of Alabama at Birmingham, collected data from more than 5,000 U.S. adults for more than 20 years.

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