is vaping better than cigarettes for copd

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Vaping is often seen as an alternative to traditional cigarettes, especially for those with lung conditions such as COPD, as it is thought to be less harmful. There is, however, insufficient research available on the effects of vaping for people with COPD.

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  • Does vaping improve COPD outcomes?

  • Switching from smoking to vaping leads to improved COPD outcomes, which is expected because quitting smoking is known to slow COPD progression and to improve patients鈥?respiratory health.8,10鈥?2

  • Is vaping a healthier alternative to cigarette smoking?

  • Electronic cigarette use (vaping) is considered a healthier alternative to cigarette smoking and may help in smoking cessation. However, the effects of vaping are not clear yet and particularly the long-term effects of vaping are largely unknown. Some reports suggest that vaping maybe as harmful for e.g.respiratory function, as cigarette smoking.

  • Can e-cigarettes cause COPD?

  • Tobacco smoke contains hundreds of chemicals that can cause COPD or make it worse. With e-cigarettes and other vaping devices, you inhale aerosol (mist) instead of smoke. But vapes can cause the same lung inflammation that tobacco does. And they still have things you don鈥檛 want in your body, like:

  • Does vaping make you more likely to smoke?

  • Research suggests that users are more likely to continue smoking along with vaping, which is referred to as 鈥渄ual use.鈥?The American Heart Association recommends proven methods to successfully quit smoking.

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