is smoking tobacco out of a bong worse than cigarettes

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  • Is Bong smoking as bad as cigarettes?

  • Bong smoking as damaging as cigarettes. A new study published in the journal Respirology reveals that water pipe smoking, such as hookah or bong smoking, affects lung function and respiratory symptoms as much as cigarette smoking.

  • Why does a bong get you higher than a joint?

  • A lot less smoke gets lost, so the cannabinoids reach your blood more and more effectively, which means you get higher. But it also has something to do with the way a bong is smoked: when smoking a bong, you try to smoke and inhale all smoke at once, which means you inhale much deeper than when smoking joints.

  • Do you get a better hit from bongs?

  • Most people prefer the hit that they get from a bong because it offers a higher quality smoking experience. The water in the bong not only filter the smoke, but it also reduces the temperature of the smoke before it hits your mouth and lungs, giving you a cooler, smoother, better tasting hit.

  • What’s it like to smoke tobacco out of a water pipe?

  • In my experience, smoking tobacco out of a water pipe gives a pretty intense nicotine rush for about the same about of tobacco in one cigarette.

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