is chewing tobacco safer than cigarettes

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Isn鈥檛 safer than cigarettes

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  • Is it safe to chew tobacco?

  • Tobacco chewing happens across various forms: Is Tobacco chewing safe? Chewing tobacco is an extensive spread practice. But sadly this technique is often perceived as a 鈥榟ealthier alternative鈥?to smoking. But on the contrary, it is in fact doomed to failure. Both smoking and chewing of tobacco can cause significant havoc on the health front.

  • Does chewing tobacco have more nicotine than smoking?

  • Many chain smokers also carry the misconception that chewing tobacco results in lower consumption of nicotine. However, that鈥檚 a fallacy, both smoking and chewing tobacco results in the same consumption of nicotine. For example, if you hold an averagely sized plug in your mouth for 30 minutes, it鈥檚 the same as smoking down four cigarettes.

  • Can chewing tobacco give you cancer?

  • Cancer. The use of chewing tobacco and other smokeless tobacco products increases the risk of oral cancers 鈥?cancer of the mouth, throat, cheek, gums, lips or tongue. There’s also an increased risk of cancers of the pancreas and esophagus, the long tube that runs from your throat to your stomach.

  • Why is chewing tobacco so addictive?

  • Chewing tobacco and dip is highly addictive because it contains as much nicotine as cigarettes. Once you are addicted to nicotine, you may be more likely to start smoking cigarettes too. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, smokeless tobacco contains 30-plus chemicals known to cause cancer, including:

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