how to wear cigarette pants plus size

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  • What to wear with cigarette pants?

  • One of the best ways to dress down a cigarette pant is to go loose and comfy on top. Pick a billowy cotton or rayon solid scoop neck or v-neck tee, or simply wear your favorite graphic T-shirt. These options give off a more casual vibe while still going well with your cigarette pants.

  • What color Blazer goes with Navy cigarette pants?

  • Opt for a blazer that goes with your pant color, such as black if you’re wearing black pants, or a light brown if your pants are tan. Wear a patterned dress shirt with navy cigarette pants and a navy blazer to bring some fun variety to your work style. Match some neutral close-toed pumps to your pants.

  • What to wear with a denim button-up?

  • This looks best over a basic tee, with a pair of plain white sneakers. For a more polished look, wear a solid cream scoop neck tee, solid black cigarette pants, and a classic pair of black brogues with your denim button-up. Experiment with sleek, bold styles.

  • What color button-down goes with black cigarette pants?

  • Consider wearing a solid black or tan cigarette pant with a solid light blue or white button-up for a classic, clean look. Pair a crisp red button-down with black cigarette pants for a pop of color. Go monochrome with a black button-down and black cigarette pants for a sophisticated vibe.

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