how to style cigarette jeans

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To build a stylish street outfit around the jeans,wear a black and gold printed t shirt with a pair of low top classic black and white converse. The cigarette jeans already look very nice and unique with its cutting alone. Now,if you want make them look even more unique and beautiful,you can pick this embroidered and cropped cigarette jeans.

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  • What do cigarette jeans look like?

  • As you can see from this outfit, the cigarette jeans look very much like something inbetween the skinny jeans and the straight leg jeans. You can easily build a simple and clean outfit around the cigarette jeans. For example, wear them with a white t shirt and a black ballet flats to look casual and simple.

  • What to wear with cigarette jeans?

  • For example, you can wear dark blue high rise cigarette jeans with camel heeled sandals. For the top, wear a white t shirt to keep the outfit minimal. Just like skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans, cigarette jeans look wonderful with hoodies.

  • How to wear cigarette pants for work?

  • Opt for cigarette pants in neutral colors and classic styles. The office is not the best place to debut cigarette pants in bright colors, busy patterns, or unusual styles. Stick with neutral colors like black, navy, and khaki. Go with trouser-style cigarette pants for workwear, since this style looks formal and sophisticated.

  • What is the average leg opening of a pair of jeans?

  • Typically a cigarette leg opening is around 12鈥?and a skinny jean is 10鈥? Straight jeans are anywhere from 13鈥?to 16鈥? depending how wide they are in the knee. These jeans below are straight crop jeans from Gap.

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