how to make electric cigarette lighter

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  • How to make a DIY electric lighter?

  • DIY – Homemade Electric Lighter 1 Step 1: Watch the Video 2 Step 2: Order Parts 3 Step 3: Make Solder Tabs 4 Step 4: Let’s Begin 5 Step 5: Make the Heating Attachment 6 Step 6: Connect the Batteries 7 Step 7: Test the Lighter More …

  • How do you light a cigarette with aluminum foil and paper?

  • Then, fold a piece of aluminum foil in half and cut a strip that’s 1 centimeter wide and 3 inches long. Next, grab some paper or dry leaves so you have something to transfer the flame to once you ignite the lighter.

  • How to test an electric lighter?

  • Now test the electric lighter by attaching a 9volt battery and press the button. The coil should get bright orange immediately. Unfortunately the battery will drain very fast and will get a little hot so try to use the lighter as short as possible. I hope you enjoyed the project.

  • What can you light with an ordinary lighter?

  • You can light most things you can light with an ordinary lighter. Like a candle, a piece of paper or even a piece of wood. For this project you don’t need very much parts. 鈥 small push button. 鈥 short piece of nichrome wire. 鈥 small piece of about 1mm thick solid core copper wire. 鈥 9volt battery clip, I reused mine from a dead battery.

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