how to make electric cigarette lighter

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  • How to make a DIY electric lighter?

  • DIY – Homemade Electric Lighter 1 Step 1: Watch the Video 2 Step 2: Order Parts 3 Step 3: Make Solder Tabs 4 Step 4: Let’s Begin 5 Step 5: Make the Heating Attachment 6 Step 6: Connect the Batteries 7 Step 7: Test the Lighter More …

  • How do you make a 9v battery lighter?

  • Create a usable lighter with a 9v battery. Take 7 cm of electrical tape. Fold half a centimeter of tape back on to the tape, and attach the safety tape over the positive end of the 9v battery. This is to prevent the steel wool from touching both ends of the battery, so that it doesn’t ignite.

  • How do you light a cigarette with aluminum foil and paper?

  • Then, fold a piece of aluminum foil in half and cut a strip that’s 1 centimeter wide and 3 inches long. Next, grab some paper or dry leaves so you have something to transfer the flame to once you ignite the lighter.

  • How to test an electric lighter?

  • Now test the electric lighter by attaching a 9volt battery and press the button. The coil should get bright orange immediately. Unfortunately the battery will drain very fast and will get a little hot so try to use the lighter as short as possible. I hope you enjoyed the project.

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