how to hook up cigarette lighter

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Wiring upRun a wire from a permanentlive feed to the centre terminal on the socket. Fit an in-line fuse to this wire (35 amp). Join a wire to the earth terminal on the casing and run it to a convenient point on the body. Reconnect the battery and test the lighter.

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  • How do you wire a cigarette lighter to a strip?

  • Plugging the Lights in 鈥?Cut the wires from your cigarette plug. Pull the wires apart and strip the rubber off to about an inch of the way down. Then, connect the positive and negative wires to your strip. This method, you can still see the wiring.

  • What can you plug into a cigarette lighter socket?

  • Many useful accessories simply plug into the lighter socket. Vacuum cleaner (C), under-bonnet inspection light (D), dash-mounted cooling fan (E) and map reading light (F) can all be used in this way. Although you may not smoke, fitting a cigarette lighter inside your car could be more useful than you think.

  • Can LED lights be hooked up to cigarette lighters?

  • An easy way to make your car stand out from the rest is by installing LED lights, which leads up to one of the most frequent questions asked 鈥?can LEDs be hooked up to cigarette lighters? In short, yes. In fact, it鈥檚 recommended, as you don鈥檛 want to put unnecessary strain on your car鈥檚 main battery.

  • How to use a cigarette lighter in a car?

  • All cars use the same size so there is no need to measure the size of your power port. Place the cigarette lighter into the power point. When you want to charge the cigarette lighter press it down completely. Once the lighter is hot enough it is going to pop out. Hold your cigarette against the hot tip for a moment to light the cigarette.

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