how to fix broken car cigarette lighter

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  • What to do when your car cigarette lighter not working?

  • Car cigarette lighter not working can cause many problems. Source: Digital Trends Before gathering some ways to fix the socket, at first, you need to know why you want to fix it. Everyone can have some personal reasons behind this but below are some of the common ones: To use DIY ways to change minor faults such as blown fuse, sockets, etc.,

  • How to tell if a cigarette lighter fuse is broken?

  • Reference in your car manual to find out where the fuse box is in your car that contains the cigarette lighter fuse. Once you find it, look to see which fuse corresponds with the cigarette lighter. Take that fuse out and look at it in the light. If there looks like a broken wire between the two rods in the fuse, it is broken.

  • How do you test if a cigarette lighter is working?

  • Place the clip end of the test light to the outer frame of the socket. Hold it on if clipping seems difficult. Next, use the longer end of the tester and try to touch the back of the socket. If the light turns on, it means the lighter has power. In case it does not, the problem lies in the fuse. So, replace it.

  • Can a defective cigarette lighter be fixed?

  • Although, a defective cigarette lighter is not a very big issue yet it鈥檚 extremely useful. Rather than spending dollars on fixing it through a professional car service center, it is better to learn some maintenance tips and do it yourself. Well, learning just a few tips would be certainly of great help.

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