how to cover up cigarette smoke

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Sprays and scented candleshelp a lot in smoke odors in house eliminating, covering up the cigarette smell and keeping the house homely and fresh. Anything citrus is considered as a good odor masking and you can either use citrus flavored spray or fresh oranges peels.

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  • How to hide cigarette smoke smell indoors?

  • You may be wondering how to hide cigarette smoke indoors; air purifiers, spray neutralizers, home remedies for cigarette smoke smell, allowing good air circulation and also use of cigarette odor absorber will conveniently work for any smoker.

  • How can I Make my Cigarettes smell better?

  • Keeping a good supply of scented candles and strong incense to burn while you smoke is a good idea in masking the smell of the cigarettes. Incense is a particularly good option, especially if you already burn it regularly because it smells like smoke already.

  • How can I stop smoking?

  • Plan the times you smoke. Avoid smoking before meetings or social events. If you have a profession that involves speaking, smoke after work. Your health will also improve. Cutting out cigarettes will save you money.

  • How to get cigarette smoke off your breath?

  • To get cigarette smoke off your breath, brush your teeth after smoking, which will cover up the odor and reduce staining on your teeth. You can also use mouthwash to get rid of any bacteria and improve the smell of your breath.

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