how to clean e cigarette

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Isopropyl alcohol

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  • How to clean an electronic cigarette?

  • When you make use of them, they become cluttered with grime, dirt, and bacteria. To clean an electronic cigarette, you need to disassemble the device in a clean area and have fresh paper towels and cotton swabs available to wipe the parts down.

  • How often should I clean my e-cigarette?

  • Clean it every time you change the e-liquid. It is recommended to clean the electronic cigarette every time you change the cartridge for the e-liquid. This assures that gunk doesn’t build up and improves the life of the device. Depending on how often you smoke, you may have to clean the electronic cigarette every day.

  • Can e-liquids damage your e-cigarettes?

  • Use the right e-liquid. Acidic e-liquids are the worst for your electronic cigarette because they can eat away at the tank. E-liquids that are high in nicotine can also be dangerous for your device because the liquid tends to get volatile as it ages.

  • How do you clean the inside of an atomizer?

  • Wipe down the parts. Specifically, wipe down the drip tip, atomizer cone and atomizer. Push the paper towel in the direction of the battery end of your atomizer and your drip tip. Blow very lightly through the drip tip to force outdated e-liquid into the paper towel.

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