how to clean cigarette smoke from air conditioner

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Best Answer: The best way to clean cigarette smoke from an air conditioner is to use avacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. You can also use a can of compressed air to clean the unit.

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  • How can I remove cigarette smoke from my car’s air conditioner?

  • Removing the cigarette smoke from the car’s air conditioner requires using a few specialized products which can be purchased at green health stores and specialty shops. Using the products will not damage the car’s air conditioning system in any way.

  • How do you get smoke smell out of a window air conditioner?

  • Spray air freshener on the filter before you replace it. This may help mask the odor as the air conditioner runs in the beginning. Eventually the air freshener will run out, but it should last long enough to clear the smell of smoke out of the air conditioner.

  • Can you use a portable a/C unit to filter smoke?

  • However, the filter is not built to filter smoke. Do your best to get rid of the smoke indoors first before using a portable A/C indoors during a wildfire. Window-type air conditioning units can prevent outdoor air from coming inside by closing the outdoor air damper.

  • How does cigarette smoke affect my air conditioning system?

  • Typical air conditioning units have filters designed to remove dust and pollen. While they can filter out cigarette smoke, the fine particles within cigarette smoke can easily block and significantly decrease your filter鈥檚 lifespan.

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