how much is a pack of cigarettes in maine

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Maine has high cigarette carton prices by state and tobacco use among adults. Smokers based in the state pay$7.37per pack or $73.7 per carton. Smoke 5.7 cigarettes a day for a year in Maine, and you鈥檒l spend $766.48. Despite the hefty price of cigarettes, the state鈥檚 tobacco use rate among adult consumers is a significant 17.6%.

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  • How much is a pack of cigarettes in Washington State?

  • The price of cigarettes in Washington State is $9.30 a packet or $956.7 a year. With a cigarette use rate of 12.6%, Washington is among the states with the lowest tobacco popularity among adults, partly on account of the soaring cost of cigarettes by state. The West Virginia cigarette prices are 5.43 per pack.

  • What is the average price of a pack of cigarettes?

  • By state, the average retail price of a pack of 20 cigarettes (full-priced brands), including federal and state excise taxes, ranged from $4.62 in Missouri to a high of $10.67 in New York, as of November 2017. 8 On average, federal and state excise taxes account for 44.3% of the retail price of cigarettes. 8

  • How much do cigarettes cost in New Hampshire?

  • New Hampshire has no sales tax and yet ranked 23rd on our cigarette prices by state rundown. Only the cigarette excise tax of $1.78 per pack affects the New Hampshire cigarette prices. A carton in this state costs about $63.9 since the average pack price is $6.39. New Hampshire has a 15.6% tobacco use rate.

  • How much does a pack of cigarettes cost in Iowa?

  • Iowa belongs in the group of destinations with a reasonable cost of a pack of cigarettes by state. Cigarettes cost $6.35/pack. A person who smokes 40 cigarettes a week in Iowa spends $660 on smoking a year. The cigarette use in the state is, however, as high as 16.5%.

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