how much do cigarettes cost now

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Both the median and the average cost of a cigarette in the United States is$0.40. Eleven states, along with the District of Columbia, have an average price above $10 per pack. Twenty-eight states have an average price that falls below the $8 national average.

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  • How much do cigarettes cost in each state?

  • Cigarette Prices By State 2021. Cigarette prices per state vary between $5.25 and $12.85 per pack. With 20 cigarettes per pack, this ranges between $.26 and $.64 per cigarette. Only two states are outliers, with cigarette prices above $10 per pack. Illinois charges $11.50 per pack, and New York charges $12.85 per pack.

  • How much does a pack of cigarettes cost?

  • The average US retail price of cigarettes is $6.65 per pack. Americans who smoke two packs a week, therefore, spend about $688 a year. 1. Missouri Missouri has the lowest price of cigarettes by state in the US 鈥?an average of $4.91 for a pack.

  • What are the medical costs of smoking cigarettes?

  • None of these numbers take into account the medical costs of smoking cigarettes. The average yearly treatment for lung cancer in the United States is over $8,000 and to start treatment costs over $60,000. Regular smokers are going to be upset as the prices on average in the United States have risen.

  • Where are cigarettes the most expensive?

  • Geographically, high cigarette prices tend to be concentrated in New York and the states north of it, which comprise the 鈥?New England 鈥?area and the upper Midwest states of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii also have higher than average prices but are not concentrated in a geographic area.

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