how many packs of cigarettes in a vuse alto pod

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  • How much nicotine is in a Vuse Alto vape pod?

  • This pocket-size, light-weight, tight draw pod mod will deliver a smooth flavorful hit every last time. Discover great flavors for your VUSE Alto, they are available in 1.8ml pods with 1.8% (18mg), 2.4% (24mg), and 5.0% (50mg) nicotine strength.

  • How much does the Vuse Alto cost?

  • Vuse Alto Complete Kit: $38.48 Vuse Alto Power Unit: $24.99 (at Vapor4Life) Vuse Alto pods: $13.49 (for a pack of two pods)

  • What is the nicotine content of each ePOD vape pod?

  • ePod vape pods are currently only available in 1.6% w/w nicotine strength as well as nicotine-free options. Each ePod vape pod contains 1.9ml of e-liquid and the total nicotine content depends on the nicotine strength:

  • What flavors does the Vuse Alto have?

  • The new truncated menu of flavors for the Vuse Alto are all tobacco and menthol. There are just three flavors in all and they come in strengths of 5.0%, 2.4%, and 1.8% nicotine. Golden Tobacco: A fairly standard cigarette-style flavor. It鈥檚 a dead ringer for Halo Torque 56.

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