does weed cause cancer more than cigarettes

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The report claims cannabis is20 times more carcinogenic than tobaccodespite also saying 鈥渟tudies on the subject have yielded conflicting evidence: some suggest there is a link between smoking cannabis and lung cancer while others don鈥檛.

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  • Does smoking marijuana increase the risk of cancer?

  • Although there is no evidence that marijuana smoking increases the risk of cancer, studies have shown that marijuana smokers have a nearly five-fold increased risk of having a heart attack during the first hour after smoking. 2000 WebMD, Inc. All rights reserved.

  • Is smoking weed as carcinogenic as smoking cigarettes?

  • Yet in terms of clinical studies, smoking marijuana hasn鈥檛 actually proven to be as carcinogenic as smoking cigarettes, despite the similarities in the chemical makeups of cannabis and tobacco. In fact, researchers have straight-up found that smoking weed doesn鈥檛 give you lung cancer.

  • Does smoking marijuana cause testicular cancer?

  • However, limited evidence of an association between current, frequent, or chronic marijuana smoking and testicular cancer (non-seminoma-type) has been documented. 1,5 Because marijuana can be used in different ways, with different levels of active compounds, it can affect each person differently.

  • Is marijuana smoke more harmful than tobacco smoke?

  • At least 50 of the carcinogens in tobacco smoke are also present in marijuana smoke. The simple truth is that burning plant matter produces a lot of harmful chemicals, regardless of which plant it is. There are some differences between marijuana and tobacco smoke, but on the whole they鈥檙e very similar.

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