does marijuana have more tar than cigarettes

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  • Does marijuana smoke have more tar in the lungs than tobacco?

  • In conclusion, although it may be true that marijuana smoke deposits more tar into the lungs than tobacco smoke, current evidence does not indicate that the former results in proportionally greater deleterious health affects.

  • Is marijuana smoke more harmful than tobacco smoke?

  • At least 50 of the carcinogens in tobacco smoke are also present in marijuana smoke. The simple truth is that burning plant matter produces a lot of harmful chemicals, regardless of which plant it is. There are some differences between marijuana and tobacco smoke, but on the whole they鈥檙e very similar.

  • How much tar is in a cigarette?

  • We measured each subject’s blood carboxyhemoglobin level before and after smoking and the amount of tar inhaled and deposited in the respiratory tract from the smoke of single filter-tipped tobacco cigarettes (900 to 1200 mg) and marijuana cigarettes (741 to 985 mg) containing 0.004 percent or 1.24 percent delta 9-tetrahydrocanabinol.

  • Does smoking cannabis increase the carcinogenic potential of tobacco?

  • Abstract. The immunological effects resulting from smoking tobacco or cannabis are also distinctive and result in opposite end-points. Again, the carcinogenic potential of smoke is increased by tobacco, whereas it is uniquely reduced by the specific immune regulatory activity of cannabinoids in cannabis smoke.

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