does lana del rey smoke cigarettes

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  • How many cigarettes does Lana Del Rey smoke a day?

  • In a 2014 interview with long time friend Iggy Pop, the movie mogul joked, 鈥淚 smoke a thousand cigarettes a day. I鈥檓 working my way up to ten thousand.鈥?Much like bad boy Johnny Depp, Lana Del Rey has no shame about her smoking habit. She commonly smokes onstage during performances.

  • What does Jennifer Lawrence smoke?

  • Lawrence has been snapped smoking everything from cigarettes, to vapes to a joint, and has spoken openly about smoking marijuana on several occasions. I smoked a joint with some rappers, she told radio host Howard Stern in 2018. Their shit is different.

  • Does Demi Lovato smoke?

  • The Devil Wears Prada alum was apparently an avid smoker back in the day, having been spotted with cigarettes on multiple occasions in the past. However, she has not been seen smoking since. The Shallow singer is known to enjoy smoking cigarettes.

  • Why is Lana Del Rey so polarizing?

  • Unlike her contemporaries with broad appeal, like Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga, Del Rey鈥檚 audience is more niche. Her music tends to be moody and her albums don鈥檛 have the required pop dance anthems. She鈥檚 polarizing in the sense that she has rabid fans and people who just don鈥檛 care at all what she鈥檚 doing.

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