does cigarette smoke help ear aches

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  • Is blowing tobacco smoke in your ear a cure for earaches?

  • For earache if you had somone around that smoked blowing tobacco smoke in the affected ear was a sure cure. This is 2010 and the smoke blowing in the ear seems to be still around. someone had an ear ache and someone else said to smoke it out and went into details (I’m not describing the details) how to do that.

  • What happens if you blow smoke into a child鈥檚 ear?

  • The pressure before the ear drum bursts causes severe discomfort. Antibiotics only decrease the healing time by a small amount. Blowing smoke into a child鈥檚 ear will do nothing to speed the resolution of an ear infection.

  • How do you cure an Earache?

  • He would blow smoke in her ear if she had an earache.It must have been a common practice. Smoke in the ear must be an American cure, never heard about that when I grew up. Chamomile and peppermint tea for an upset stomach, ditto a very thin oatmeal porridge, cooked in water and strained, no salt or sugar, blaah. Yup!

  • What causes an Earache?

  • Earaches can be caused by an ear infection. Earaches may also be caused by other infections including sinus infections and throat infections. TMJ problems or dental issues can cause pain that mimics ear pain.

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