do unopened cigarettes go bad

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Two years after production

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  • Do cigarettes ever go bad?

  • Now, just because cigarette packaging doesn鈥檛 indicate an expiration date doesn鈥檛 mean they鈥檒l never go bad. Old cigarettes are no worse for you than brand-new ones, but exposure to oxygen and time will affect both their flavor and freshness.

  • How long do cigarettes last once opened?

  • Once opened and exposed to air, commercial cigarettes usually last about two days before going stale. There are a few different ways to tell if your cigarettes are stale. The most obvious way is to smoke one and look out for any unpleasant flavor or difficulty with airflow.

  • What happens if you smoke an expired cigarette?

  • Cigarettes don鈥檛 really expire, but they do go stale. However, a cigarette that鈥檚 exposed to air will dry out, degrade in quality, and can even develop mold and other types of fungus. Is it safe to smoke an expired cigarette?

  • Do cigarettes go bad if they get moldy?

  • As a result, expired cigarettes have a tendency to grow mold or fungus, especially when they鈥檙e stored in a place without proper temperature control, or which has constant humidity fluctuations. If you鈥檙e in perfect health, smoking a moldy stick may not have any lasting negative effects.

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