can you use casey’s cash for cigarettes

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  • How do I earn Casey’s cash points?

  • Points earned using Casey’s Cash are earned on the final transaction amount, after Casey’s Cash is applied. To earn points, a minimum qualifying purchase of $1 of merchandise, and one gallon of fuel, is required.

  • How do I purchase fuel at Casey’s?

  • At the Pump: If purchasing fuel at the pump, enter your phone number associated with your Casey’s account when prompted on the fuel dispenser. Phone: For purchases over the phone, provide your phone number associated with your Casey’s account.

  • Does Saucey deliver cigarettes and vapes?

  • With vapes, smoking itself isn鈥檛 even required! Tobacco use is becoming safer and more popular than ever, but it can still be such a hassle to find the products you want in stores. Well, let Saucey take care of that for you by delivering your favorite cigarettes, cigars and vapes to your door. Which cigarette is the best?

  • What is the Casey’s terms and conditions of use?

  • This Terms and Conditions of Use ( Agreement ) contains the terms upon which Casey’s agrees to provide, and which govern the use and operation of, and your participation in, the Program and certain other related promotional activities as described below. PLEASE READ THIS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY.

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