can you recycle cigarette packs

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  • How do I dispose of my old cigarettes?

  • Over time (and once your cigarettes are fully extinguished), you can transfer that waste to a plastic bag or other container described on its website. Once you have collected a large quantity, place the bag in a box, print a shipping label from TerraCycle鈥檚 website and send your old cigarette ashes and waste away.

  • Can cigarette byproducts be recycled?

  • But if the byproducts of your cigarette can be turned into useful products, why let them sit in a landfill? Your best option for recycling cigarette ashes and waste is a company called TerraCycle, which specializes in difficult-to-recycle waste.

  • Can plastic bags be recycled?

  • If you鈥檙e pretty conscientious about recycling, like me, you probably already know that plastic bags and other soft plastics should not go into most curbside recycling bins.

  • Can you recycle cigarette filters?

  • Whatever your relationship with cigarettes, TerraCycle鈥檚 program is good news for those concerned with the waste they create. The TerraCycle Cigarette Waste Recycling Program accepts extinguished cigarettes, cigarette filters, loose tobacco pouches, outer plastic packaging, inner foil packaging, rolling paper, and ash.

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