can you put a car charger in a cigarette lighter

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  • Can you use a cigarette lighter as a USB charger?

  • Some car cigarette lighters are designed with more than one USB ports so that you can charge multi devices simultaneously. But you need to check whether the USB interfaces are suitable for your devices. If you want to use appliances, then you need a power inverter as well which has a cigarette lighter socket.

  • Is it bad to use a cigarette lighter while driving?

  • When you drive, be careful to use the cigarette lighter, because of the power cord that may get wrapped around your steering column. And remember to unplug it when you don’t need to use it because it can also waste the battery as long as it is connected to the car.

  • Is cigarette lighter a reliable power provider?

  • Though cigarette lighter is a reliable power provider for people when going out by car, you can connect with a power inverter and start to charge electronics and appliances freely.

  • Can a cigarette lighter be used as a power inverter?

  • But don鈥檛 think a cigarette lighter or a power inverter is a magical and feel free to charge any mobile devices or appliances like in-car refrigerator, GPS, air pump, or even induction cooker. The cigarette lighter can heat up very quickly within a couple of minutes once you plug it into the socket.

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