can you hotbox with cigarettes

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  • Is it OK to hotbox all you want?

  • But, if you鈥檙e OK with doing something a little bit dangerous, illegal and you鈥檙e open to paying fines, by all means, hotbox all you want. What is hotboxing? If you haven鈥檛 already figured out what hotboxing is exactly, here鈥檚 the best definition: hotboxing is the act of smoking weed inside of a closed chamber.

  • What happens when you smoke in a hotbox?

  • The exhaled smoke and the smoke coming from the joint, unable to escape, circulates and thus is breathed in and is not wasted. Smokers in a hotbox may find themselves totally fucked beyond the point of speech after about 30 minutes.

  • What is hotboxing?

  • Hotboxing is a term that鈥檚 been around as long as weed culture. And, chances are, if you鈥檙e reading this, you鈥檝e participated in one. Or, at the very least you鈥檝e seen it portrayed in movies. To 鈥渉otbox鈥?is to get high in a small, airtight space.

  • Is hotboxing a good way to get high?

  • Hotboxing is an intense way to get high and is not recommended for beginners. The common belief is that hotboxing will increase the effects of the THC and lead to a more intense high thanks to the lack of ventilation. Will hotboxing get you high?

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