can you catch hiv from sharing a cigarette

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  • Can I get HIV from smoking a cigarette?

  • A: You need have no worry about acquiring HIV infection by smoking a cigarette previously smoked by a HIV positive person with or without bleeding gums. HIV infection can be detected by suitable tests.

  • Is it possible to get HIV from saliva?

  • Unlikely: Hiv is obtained through seminal fluids or blood. Unless you are smoking a blood-laden or semen-laden cigarette, you are at no risk. Saliva will not tr…

  • How is HIV transmitted?

  • Get the Facts HIV Transmission …or be directly injected into the blood-stream (from a needle or syringe) for transmission to possibly occur. In the United States, HIVis most commonly transmitted through specific sexual behaviors (anal or vaginal sex) or sharingneedles with an infected person.

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