can you buy cigarettes with zippay

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  • Can I pay with Zip Pay at Smokemart?

  • For some time now Smokemart, Australia鈥檚 number 1 tobacconist and gift retailer, has been getting a lot of feedback from our customers enquiring about the availability of these payment options across and we are happy to announce that there is now a way to process your transactions on Smokemartusing your Zip Pay account.

  • How do customers pay with ZIP?

  • Shoppers browse their chosen online store as usual. Once they get to checkout, if Zip is available, customers can choose to pay later with Zip as their payment method, instead of using a credit or debit card.

  • Is Zip Pay better than a credit card?

  • The simplicity and transparency of Zip Pay, Afterpay and others is an attractive feature in comparison with credit cards which often include hidden fees and administration charges.

  • Which online shops accept Zip Pay&Afterpay?

  • Shop Smokemart, GiftBox Vape Square with ZipPay Payment methods such as Zip Pay and Afterpay are now amongst the most popular options for online shoppers, due to both their ease of use and the extra options they provide to consumers.

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