can you buy cigarettes on a cruise ship

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  • What are the rules about smoking on a cruise ship?

  • What are the rules about smoking on a cruise ship? 1 Carnival Cruise Line Australia. Selected areas of Carnival Spirit鈥檚 outdoor decks are designated smoking areas. … 2 Celebrity Cruises. Celebrity Cruises has limited places open for smoking cigarettes. … 3 Royal Caribbean. … 4 PO Cruises Australia. … 5 Princess Cruises. …

  • Which cruise ships allow e-cigarettes?

  • Royal Caribbean permits e-cigarette use in designated outdoor areas of the starboard side of its ships. Only Oasis-class doesn鈥檛 have indoor vaping areas at the ships, but travelers can vape in its Casino. Princess Cruises is quite loyal when it comes to using vape pen mods in the rooms (but not on the balcony).

  • Can you smoke on a Costa cruise ship balcony?

  • Costa Cruises Smoking Policy Costa Cruises have a relaxed smoking policy that does allow guests to smoke on their balconies. Smoking in cabins is not allowed and there are other smoking areas around the ship. I took my first Costa cruise in 2018 and was surprised by the number of smoking areas on the ship.

  • How much is the tax on alcohol on a cruise ship?

  • So if you bring back a single liter of alcohol per person from the duty-free shop on the ship or in a port, you can expect a tax of $3.75 from the state. Expect each additional bottle to be taxed at $3.75 (state) plus 3% of the purchase price (federal), unless traveling with more than one adult.

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