can teachers smoke cigarettes

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In particular,education professionals 鈥?such as teachers 鈥?and science professionals are among theleast likely professionals to smoke,and there is a strong negative correlation between education level and smoking rates. Smoking rates by occupation reveal disparate levels of tobacco use in different groups.

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  • Should we talk about smoking in the classroom?

  • Different cultures around the world have very different opinions of smoking, and your students will often reflect that cultural bias. Like any controversial topic, though, the issue of smoking is useful material for getting your students speaking and expressing their opinions in the classroom.

  • Are e-cigarettes being used in schools?

  • Some e-cigarettes don鈥檛 look like tobacco products, so some kids use them unnoticed in schools, including in classrooms and bathrooms. An increasingly popular e-cigarette, called JUUL, is shaped like a USB flash drive.

  • Can you fire an employee for smoking on their own time?

  • An employee who violates a workplace smoking ban (for example, by smoking in a smoke-free building or non-smoking area) can be disciplined or terminated in any state. But what about employees who smoke on their own time? In some states, employers may not discriminate against smokers.

  • Can an employer discriminate against smokers?

  • In some states, employers may not discriminate against smokers. Some states go even further and prohibit employers from making job decisions based on an employee’s lawful, off-duty conduct, whether it involves smoking cigarettes or singing karaoke.

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