can teachers smoke cigarettes

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In particular,education professionals 鈥?such as teachers 鈥?and science professionals are among theleast likely professionals to smoke,and there is a strong negative correlation between education level and smoking rates. Smoking rates by occupation reveal disparate levels of tobacco use in different groups.

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  • Should Universities go smoke-free or tobacco-free?

  • Smoke-free and tobacco-free policies at colleges and universities can help reduce secondhand smoke exposure, tobacco use initiation, and the social acceptability of tobacco use (1 鈥?3). These results include campuses that might be smoke-free or tobacco-free because of policies at the institutional, local, state, or territorial levels.

  • Is it legal to smoke on campus?

  • 鈥?As of November 2017, the campus is covered by a law or policy that prohibits smoking (at minimum) in all indoor and outdoor areas. The only exemptions include one鈥檚 personal vehicle, research in a controlled laboratory setting, or religious ceremonial purposes.

  • What is Iowa鈥檚 Smoke-Free Campus Law?

  • Iowa鈥檚 smoke-free campus law is the only state law that extends to campuses at both public and private institutions.

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