can i put a cigarette lighter in my checked luggage

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TSA cigarette lighter rules state thatyou cannot carry lighters that have any fuel in them in your checked baggage(see next paragraph). This applies to Zippo or disposable lighters. But why you would want to take an empty disposable lighter with you I cannot imagine.

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  • Can I bring a lighter in my checked baggage?

  • Lighters with fuel are not allowed in checked baggage, with the exception of two in a DOT approved case. Without fuel are OK.

  • Can I take a cigarette lighter on a plane?

  • Cigarette lighters must be kept on your person (in a pocket etc) or safely in your carry on bags at all times and should never be taken out while onboard. Lighters containing fuel are not permitted in your checked luggage.

  • What happens if you bring a lighter on a plane?

  • If a lighter (or fumes) are detected in your checked luggage then the bag will likely not be allowed on the plane and the lighter confiscated. Your checked baggage will certainly be opened to check.

  • Can you take a Bic lighter on a plane?

  • Can You Take a Bic Lighter on a Plane? This would be of great relief to the smokers as according to the TSA rules you are allowed to carry common lighters on board. In other words, you are allowed to carry plastic BIC lighter. But make sure that you do not carry torch lighter or butane lighter along, even not in the zippo pouch.

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