can cigarettes go bad

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  • Is it bad if you smoke expired cigarettes?

  • While smoking expired cigarettes isn鈥檛 really any worse for you than smoking new ones, time and oxygen exposure can negatively impact the flavor and freshness of your cigarettes. What happens when cigarettes go bad? Cigarettes don鈥檛 really expire, so much as they become extremely stale.

  • How to tell if a cigarette has gone bad?

  • The most obvious way is to smoke one and look out for any unpleasant flavor or difficulty with airflow. If you don鈥檛 want to risk smoking a stale cigarette, you can also look for visual signs of staleness. Roll the cigarette between your fingers, and see if any tobacco pours out of the end.

  • Do cigarettes go bad if you light them?

  • I estimated it must have been at least a year old so I threw it away. Well any bacteria that has had a chance to grow is going to be killed by lighting the cigarette. I know they go stale and will be harsher when you smoke them.

  • Is it OK to smoke old cigarettes?

  • Old cigarettes are no worse for you than brand-new ones, but exposure to oxygen and time will affect both their flavor and freshness. How to find the production date on a pack of cigarettes? To find out how old your cigarettes are, look for the production date instead of the expiration date. Here鈥檚 how:

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