can cigarettes cause depression

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  • Can smoking cause depression?

  • Recent research suggests that smoking can cause depression. The research showed that one of the numerous negative effects of smoking is an increased risk of having depression. This could be because nicotine damages certain pathways in the brain that help regulate mood. As a result of this, nicotine may trigger mood swings.

  • Can you use cigarettes to cope with depression?

  • But there are many problems with using cigarettes to cope with depression. There are other things you can try to lift your mood: Exercise. Being physically active can help. Start small and build up over time. This can be hard to do when you鈥檙e depressed.

  • How does nicotine affect mental health?

  • Nicotine is highly addictive, and the chemicals in cigarettes are very harmful to one’s wellbeing. Immediately after smoking, many people report a relaxed mood and a happy feeling overtaking them, freeing them of the grip of their depression for a short time.

  • Why do cigarettes make you feel better?

  • These feelings can be temporarily relieved when they light up a cigarette. So smokers associate the improved mood with smoking. In fact, it’s the effects of smoking itself that’s likely to have caused the anxiety in the first place.

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