can cigarette smoke cause sinus infection

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  • How does tobacco cause sinus infections?

  • Smoke from tobacco can kill or damage cilia. This paves the way for allergens and bacteria to be trapped in the sinuses. Mucus rich in bacteria then builds up thereby increasing the chances of developing this infection.

  • Is smoking harmful to your sinuses?

  • Smoking is known to be especially harmful on your respiratory system, and has been linked to numerous types of cancer. But did you know that it can wreak havoc on your sinuses, too?

  • Does secondhand smoke cause sinus problems?

  • Does secondhand smoke cause damage to my sinuses? Like smoking, being exposed to secondhand smoke can do damage to your respiratory system. In fact, secondhand smoke is associated with more frequent lung and sinus infections, chronic coughs, ear infections, and even snoring and sleep hygiene problems.

  • Can sinus disease cause a bad smell from the body?

  • Generally sinus disease or infection causes a foul odor and not the smell of cigarettes. Often odors can linger on clothing, carpet, furniture, automobile seats, drapery etc. Some brain tumors can cause olfactory (smell) delusions or hallucinations and these can be manifest as almost any odor. Having said that, they are extremely rare.

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